Abby 20/05/15

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Abby 20/05/15

Post by xAbby on Wed May 20, 2015 4:24 pm

I'm really excited for a terrarium that should be arriving tomorrow! It's gonna be Lazarus' new homes and I am extremely excited to furnish it. I'm very grateful that i found a tank so cheap with free posting, especially in the UK. Anyone I've talked to agrees its incredibly hard.
I'm happy for him as assuming  all goes well he'll get a lot more room as well as a wheel which he never has had the chance to experience before. I'm just happy to be able to supply a better life for my bby <3.

I also learnt some comic book lore that I'm really getting into so that was really fun! It will probably be something I will pursue as I find it really entertaining haha.

I also started watching a new show on Netflix. :3


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